Free Shirt? Of Course I do.

September 3, 2008


 Jesus Branded Clothing company is amazing. I first found out about Jesus Branded by visiting the Jesus Culture website, and I saw a link, and obviously i thought to myself, “how cool of a company!”. What these guys (&girls?) are doing with their resources is completely mirroring their refreshing desire to see God move. The clothes that they put out are an encouragement to me that Believers in Christ should be the front forerunners in creativity and not the slackers! so hip hip hooray for Jesus Branded and keep spittin’ out the Holy Spirit inspired greatness you have been!


– the tag inside is my favorite part.



pool of sweat sleep

August 25, 2008

Alex(my roommate) and I realized late yesterday afternoon that our humble abodes’ air conditioning is slacking off. As we returned from a movie at around nine, we walked into a blanket of inferno as we opened the door to apartment 9B. As Alex made a call to his mother and we tried to figure the problems out, we realized to cope with cealing fans. I went to bed last night in the buff with no blankets. sleep was fabulous-sticky and sweaty.  We made up for the nasty heat by making the worlds best pancakes, slightly burnt and tasting like eggs and unmixed flour. yumms.

A New Web Fixation

August 20, 2008

Hello World,

How exciting, a new and fresh blogging system, well at least new to me.  Jordan is my name, well cristopher’s my name, (yes, withouth the “H”) and Jordan’s my middle name. I am currently sitting on my couch in Tuscaloosa after working my tail off at the  REC center( youre going down nathan). What a wonderful I’ve had. Two classes for the first day of school and 5 friends of mine just so happen to be in them.  How wonderfully suprising that is eh? this should be a very different but exciting year. I look forward to sharing the joys of life on my new blogging cyber cottage.



                          "philosophy-welcome new friends" pose